Paying for Graduate School

Tuition and fees at UK are very competitive with other institutions, but money is a common concern among graduate students. That said, students who want funding typically manage to find it from one source or another. UK offers a wealth of funding and employment opportunities, so don't let concerns about funding stop you from earning an advanced degree.
We have several ways of supporting graduate students:

  1. We have a limited number of graduate assistantships. Half-time assistantships (10 hours per week) pay half of tuition and a stipend of around $4,800 for master's and $5,553 for doctoral students per academic year. Full-time assistantships (20 hours per week) pay all of tuition and around $9,600 for master's and $11,106 for doctoral students per academic year. Although awarded on a competitive basis, in recent years we have been able to offer assistantships to all master's and doctoral students who desire one. The department's budget for assistantships is subject to change on an annual basis though, so we cannot make any guarantees about the availability of assistantships in future years.

  2. Numerous fellowships are available through the UK Graduate School and external funding sources. You are encouraged to browse the Graduate School's fellowship website to identify which funding opportunities match your qualifications. If you qualify and would like to be nominated for a UK Graduate School fellowship then contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Hyungsoo Kim ( In addition to the Graduate School, the School of HES awards scholarships. The due date for applications is around March 1 of each year.
  3. Some students obtain assistantships in other departments and offices on campus. For instance, our students do well getting full-time positions as hall directors or, for example, if you play an instrument or know how to band birds or can design a website, you may be able to find a use for those skills somewhere at UK.
  4. The University hires students for hourly wage jobs in the library and the cafeterias ($9.00 or so and all you can read or eat). You can apply for those jobs when you arrive on campus or call them at (Library: 859-257-0500 x2072, Student Center Administration: 859-257-5781) to check for openings.
  5. Of course you can also work at jobs found throughout Lexington and surrounding areas if you have the legal status to do so (international students typically cannot work off campus).