The program empowers students to address consumer and financial issues that impact individual and family economic well-being.  Through coursework, hands-on experience, and internship placements, students develop a comprehensive understanding of both consumer economics and personal finance.  Consumer economics focuses on the consumer side of economic markets as students develop a working knowledge of consumer behavior, consumer advocacy, and consumer protections provided by legislation and regulation.  Family financial counseling focuses on personal finance as students develop a working knowledge of financial literacy, money management, and financial counseling practices.  For students who choose employment in the combined areas of the FFC program, careers are available as financial counselors in credit counseling agencies and non-profits, student financial aid offices, debt counseling agencies, and federal, state, and local governmental agencies.  Students choosing to supplement their bachelor's degree with credentialing may choose to pursue the AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) credential from Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE). The FFC program is an AFCPE Registered Education Program, which "marks the highest standard of excellence in the field of financial counselling and education" and, among other benefits, provides graduates a streamlined way to earn an AFC certification after completing the program.

Highlighted Courses

  • FFC 251: Personal and Family Finance (3 hours)
  • FFC 350: Consumer Economics (3 hours)
  • FFC 351: Advanced Personal and Family Finance I (3 hours)
  • FFC 352: Advanced Personal and Family Finance II (3 hours)
  • FFC 403: Family Financial Counseling (3 hours)
  • FFC 496: Accredited Financial Counselor Review Course (3 hours)
  • FFC 498: Internship in Consumer Economics and Personal Finance (3 hours)
  • FFC 499: Advanced Internship in Consumer Economics and Personal Finance (3 hours)

For more information, please see the Bachelor of Science in Family Financial Counseling Bulletin (PDF).


  • Business, Consumer, & Family Resource Services Provider
  • Faith-Based Counselor
  • Healthcare & Family Wellness Advisor
  • Writing & Communication Expert
  • Personal Financial Adviser
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Estate and Trust Specialist
  • Tax Advisor
  • Governmental Regulatory Agent
  • Family Financial Counselor
  • Government & Public Policy
  • Revenue Cabinet Officer
  • Financial Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Family Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Retirement Adviser
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Private Wealth Adviser