We offer two undergraduate majors:

FAM: Family Sciences

This program emphasizes individual, relational, and family development and processes over the lifecourse. Courses are interdiciplinary in nature and cover research-based knowledge on topics such as parent-child relations, dating and marital relations, human sexuality, lifespan human development, family conflict and violence, adolescent development, aging, family processes, prevention and intervention, and managing family resources.

Program Director: Amy Kostelic, Ph.D.

CEF: Consumer Economics and Family Financial Counseling

This program empowers students to address consumer and financial issues that impact family economic well-being. Through coursework, hands-on experiences, and internship placements, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy, money management, consumer behavior, and financial counseling practices.

Program Director: Bruce Ross, Ph.D.

Graduates of either program are prepared for entry-level career positions in a wide assortment of helping organizations and agencies. Examples of the types of careers that await graduates of our programs can be found on the careers page.

Questions about either undergraduate program can be directed to the undergraduate academic coordinator, Pam McFarland