FAM Graduate Course Rotation*

Fall 2024
Spring 2025
Fall 2025Spring 2026

Likely Instructor
XXFAM 500: Child Life PracticumBollinger
?FAM 502: Families and Children Under StressKrizova
X?X?X?X?FAM 519: Understanding Domestic ViolenceOtis
XFAM 640: Using the DSM in CFT AssessmentWood
XFAM 652: Readings in Family Theory and ResearchTBD
XFAM 658: Adolescent DevelopmentVazsonyi
XFAM 668: Allocation of Family ResourcesKim
XFAM 673: Family Life EducationTBD
XFAM 678: Family ProcessesTBD
XFAM 685: Professional Issues in Couple and Family InterventionWashington
XXFAM 686: Theory and Methods in Couple and Family TherapyWashington
XXFAM 687: Treatment Modalities in Couple and Family TherapyWood
XXFAM 690: Research Methods in Family ScienceHans, Dyk
XFAM 740: Couple and Sex TherapyWood
XFAM 745: Families and Children in Play TherapyTBD
XFAM 746: Family Financial TherapyRoss
XXFAM 775: Professional Development SeminarHans, Kim
XFAM 777: Applied Statistics in Family ScienceHans
XXXXFAM 787: Supervised Practice of Couple and Family TherapyWood, Washington
XFAM 790: Advanced Research Methods in Family SciencesVazsonyi

*This intended and usual rotation of courses is subject to change according to program needs and resources.

? = Not guaranteed, but offered if possible.

X? = Usually offered, but out of our control (this is a cross-listed course with Social Work, and they decide when it is offered).