Katarina Krizova

Professional Profile

Originally from Slovakia, Dr. Katarina Krizova is currently working toward being licensed as a marriage and family therapist. Katarina has experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families mostly of socioeconomically disadvantaged rural backgrounds.

Courses Taught

  • FAM 250: Dating and Long-Term Romantic Relationships
  • FAM 252: Introduction to Relationships, Marriages, and Families
  • FAM 360: Introduction to Family Intervention
  • FAM 390: Introduction to Research Methods
  • FAM 652: Theories and Frameworks in Family Science
  • FAM 787: Supervised Practice of Couple and Family Therapy


Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Virgnia Tech University, 2021
M.S., Family Sciences with an emphais in Couples and Family Therapy, University of Kentucky, 2015
M.S., Psychology, Masaryk University, 2013