FAM Course Rotation*

FallSpringSummerCourseLikely Instructor
X??FAM 250: Dating and Long-Term Romantic RelationshipsKrizona
XX?FAM 251: Personal and Family FinanceKim, Ross, Byram
?XFAM 252: Introduction to Relationships, Marriages, and FamiliesKrizova, Fey
X??FAM 253: Human SexualityHans
?X?FAM 254: Life Course Human DevelopmentJohnson
XFAM 301: Supporting Hospitalized ChildrenBollinger
XFAM 302: Learning and Healing through PlayBollinger
XFAM 350: Consumer Economics and IssuesKim
X??FAM 354: Contemporary Family DiversityMurdock
X?FAM 357: Adolescent DevelopmentVazsonyi
?XFAM 360: Introduction to Family InterventionKrizova
XXFAM 390: Introduction to Research MethodsKrizova
XFAM 473: Family Life EducationBejda
XFAM 497: Pre-internship in Family SciencesMcFarland
XXXFAM 499: Internship in Family SciencesMcFarland
XFAM 500: Child Life PractiumBollinger
?FAM 502: Families and Children Under StressKrizova
X?X?FAM 519: Understanding Domestic ViolenceOtis

*This intended and usual rotation of courses is subject to change according to program needs and resources.

? = Not guaranteed, but offered if possible.

X? = Usually offered, but out of our control (this is a cross-listed course with Social Work, and they decide when it is offered).